2014 Sims Creators Camp Part 3


We start today continuing a bit with some game pictures. Yesterday I was waiting for my personal screen shots from EA. Now that I have them I wanted to share my very pregnant Sim. There is actually an option for a pregnancy test if you think your Sim is expecting from the toilet.

You can tell by her plumbbob that she is not comfortable. And no it's about impossible to fix until she has that kid! As you can see improvements have been made to just what a pregnant Sim looks like. By the second picture she is over pregnant and really, really not comfortable.

All clothing is adjustable and becomes maternity clothing as soon as they start to “show”.
Thought I would post the picture of the baby. Yes our bundle of joy FINALLY made an appearance. You can bottle or breast feed your baby. Breastfeeding brings up the familiar mosaic blur,but the option is there when you feed them.

So now finishing up with that little tidbit we move on to more game play. I mentioned a bit about the children and options for them. The Base game for Sims 4 has a lot of things for a kid to do. As said before they can gain skills on musical instruments which include the violin, which is kid sized, and the piano.

I love that face. He is scrunching his face at the sound of his playing. That teddy bear in the background can be interacted with by the child.

They have all sorts of outdoor activities, some being interactive with adults. My favorite has to be the pirate ship. They walk the plank, climb throughout, and parents can interact by being a “sea monster”.  It was very entertaining to play. Kids have homework before the first day of school so be sure to have them do it before they start to progress their grade faster. It’s in their inventory.

The transition from Baby to kid is done via the bassinet. I ran out of time to be able to see them transition to teens, so sorry I didn’t have more days to play. There is just so much to do and explore that 4 days of play is not enough.

I made 3 families to play with as I wanted to see how the neighbourhood and world works doing some multi tasking of my own. You can easily click on active households to play. So generally it is very easy to play several families at once. While it has been confirmed there is no actual story progression , you can turn aging on for the neighbourhood. Seeing the ease of playing several families by switching households and having more than one active in the neighbourhood at a time, you can pretty much make your own story progression. As you can see I have 3 green plumbbob lots all of which I played back and forth.
If you look at the icons the first 3 are play, build/edit/ and an options menu for that lot. In the second set of icons you have the top one which is where you can travel anywhere in the neighbourhoods and a move option. You can move part or all of your family. You can also travel via your phone.

There are 2 worlds each having 16 playable lots which you can customize, bulldoze and make your own. That means 32 lots to choose from if you want to redo the entire thing. This does not include community lots already there. There is NO limit to objects on lots. Objects can be put on lots as much as you please. All objects seem to be available for both community and regular household lots. No separation of object sorting.

 You can go from neighbourhood to neighbourhood using both community sections for both worlds. You can have friends in both worlds. If you wish to move your Sims to the other world you will not lose any friends or family ties. You can still travel to or phone family and friends from either world. Each of the sections you see in the world is a neighbourhood. Each neighbourhood is like an open world but you cannot travel past your neighbourhood without using travel options. It does prompt a loading screen, but it’s not a big deal, very short loading times here. The game runs smooth and I suspect it’s because they split the neighborhoods this way. You can change lot types to residential or commercial if you wish to have more neighbours or more venues. There are no rabbit holes in base game. Since the travel to worlds is so seamless I personally think I will make one world have most of the venues and one world be nothing but lots. I can do that if I choose.

Sims die via starvation, some extreme emotions, fire, old age and electrocution. Starvation is very hard to achieve and I suspect it’s because they have made these Sims smart. I didn’t get a picture of the Grim Reaper because no matter what I did to starve them, they decided to eat.  From what I have seen from other simmers at camp the Grim Reaper comes with a tablet. Also didn’t notice any ghosts and not enough time to play to try to produce one. So I cannot confirm or deny their existence. Sims VIP has a great Video and write up here about the Grim Reaper and Death.

There is a night club and yes you can be a comedian. You can travel to the venues the same way as you travel to any other place via phone or in the neighborhood screen.This guy was bombing on stage and no one would pay attention after a while.

And on to objects . There is a little added extra. If you have registered your games with origin for Sims 3 you will get a plumbob lamp for each expansion you own and base game as bonus content for your game. So if you have not registered your games do this before installing Sims 4. They are a really nice bonus. :0

There is a photo of 800 of the objects as posted by ehaughts58 who says there are at least 1000 objects. Check out his pictures of the worlds. Very nice.

Not paying bills this time does not bring the repo man. Nope no repo man. They just shut off your lights and water until you pay the bill. Too real....Here are some random screens I took in game..



In closing and before answering your FB questions I would like to stress that I had a lot of fun playing this game. And that’s what it’s all about the fun of it. There has been some community postings of concerns about Sims 4 and I ask that you remember that this is only a base game. Historically not everything comes with base game. With every Sims Series you get a brand new game with a different way to play from the last. The Sims team does read our comments . So while you may not see something you want, voice what you would like in a positive way. They do listen. There is also us here at TSR who will strive to get you CC as soon as we safely can. You’ll love the game, trust me.

  • **Facebook Questions**

There were some questions on Facebook that could not be answered but got some attention from gurus at Sims Camp. So while we do not have an answer for them we would like to extend a prize of a plumbbob headband to these Two People:

John Alves - I possibly have the most original question! In the previous games, I am talking from the Ambitions expansion pack mainly, but will The Sims team, when putting minds together in terms of future expansion packs, will we be able to go even more in-depth of our hobbies? Since a NEW Sims game is coming to the franchise, yes, I can see my Sim kicking the ball, doing different animations, but I would LOVE to be able to control my Sim, in doing different animations, like if he's kicking a ball, to be able to get a power/accuracy bar with the ability of kicking it as soft or as hard as I can... Also, when I feel like my Sim is good enough, he could then be part of a soccer league, to where not only his abilities in soccer playing would improve but him making new friends as well... Also, the chess tables... And I have been commenting on this since Sims 2, but instead of us just being able to see our Sims play chess, with the animations, shouldn't we be able to do their moves for them? Like, it being an actual chess game? That would be MUCH MORE exciting! These are just a few examples I would like to see in a future expansion pack, no matter how long it would take to make, could we expect to see these changes sometime in the near future? Or does this sound like something that Sims 5 would have?

Kari Knibbs - There have been so many mods that enhanced the sims 3. Have the creators of the sims thought to take inspiration from those when developing the story progression and how NPC sims function. I would love something like Master Controller build in.

  • Winners Of Questions Answered

Tammy Grimshaw-Winner of a Dragon Valley World - Where do the creators get their ideas and visions for their creations, especially clothing?

I asked that question of SimGuruLindsay who said they get it the same way us CC creators get it. Watching fashion articles, the internet and magazines. They try to incorporate those ideas into the game.

Kari Knibbs -Winner of the Barnacle Bay World - how will the loading screens effect sims that are left behind in the house lot? In the sims 2 when you would travel to a venue the time would keep going but when you got home the time was the same as you left.

As far as I noticed the time moves right along. So that if it's night when you leave the venue and get home it's night at home.

Ashley Cummings- Winner of a Plumbbob Headband - I'm wondering if the height of house or as most know the limit of floors, has been improved? In Sims 3 the max was 5 floors, so any idea if the limit is removed in Sims 4?

There right now is a 3 story limit shipping with base game. However these stories can be raised to 3 heights


  •  More Facebook Questions

Lauren Burpee-Why won't I be disappointed by this game?

I played for 4 days. I had the same attitude as I am a creator and that is the fun for me. However after I established my families and played for a while I was stunned by the facial expressions and interactions of my sims. I am blown away by the gameplay and I think you will be too.

Ashley Cummings- Can the Sims get depressed in this new version or go nuts ?Will there be new Traits?

There are indeed new traits from previous Sims Games. They can get really emotional and yes all of this is possible.

Nuria Márquez Almuiña - I want to know about heights. I really, really, really need short and tall sims for my illustrations. So far I have use teenagers to pass as short adults. But clothing is sooo restrictive!!! Well be have heights in Sims 4

I'm afraid there are no height sliders included in base game.

Margies Sims - Will there be more colour options in CAS coming. We are very limited to recolouring choices

If you are speaking about the demo that is just a "taste" of what will be shipping with base game. Many more options will be available.

Kari Knibbs - What are the cheats codes? lol Will it still be CTRL+Shift+C?

Still ctrl-shift-c and at the end of questions you'll find what is shipping with base game.

Fabiola Mo - I want to know more about the school system for kids and teens.

Like prior series they go to school, you don't go with them.

Kimbo Ras - What expansion packs should we anticipate?

I tried to get this one and they would not talk about anything but base game at this time. I am sure we'll find out soon enough.

Missie Napier Ward - Will we be able to create our own neighborhoods to add to the game?

Not with base game at this time. All of us at camp expressed the strong desire for this when asked. So I suspect they will be looking into it for the future.

Lorena Loza - What can u do with babies can u do something special?

There is a lot of interactions for babies. And for those of you who want a kid right away no cheat required to age them up right away and still keep the genetics.

Brenda Reginelli- I want to see different furniture and patterns for decoration and building purposes.

That's why you have TSR!

Sandra GM Groothedde- How nice to finally see the artists behind al that awesome work and creations...

Huggles and kisses. Thank You

Scooter ReneeWill you see the sim get into the car. And can they go in all the buildings.

To answer your question about cars. No I did not see any usable cars although they do drive in the neighborhood. So I suspect cars will be added later. As for the venues, there are no rabbit holes this time so all buildings are accessable.

Elle Caumont - Will Sims be able to have a home business like in Sims 2 - have their shop next door or downstairs - please let it be a yes.

Not with Base game.

Nerissa Reddick - Can we go from house to house like in the Sims two with out changing the main household and risk the other families moving out, having kids, or drastically changing your game like they do in sims 3. I don't mind a little change, but I loved building a neighborhood of families to play rather than just the one.

I did not notice sims moving out and switching between households is much, much easier now.

Lauren Burpee - Will there be integrated online features? For example, Can my friend be my neighbor?

Not in the base game. Base game will be stand alone. You can, however share households on the gallery. But nothing like simport.

Наталля Арлоўская - Do you know if we will be able to have the same amazing CC furniture that TSR has for Sims 3?

You better believe it! We are going to be on top of that for sure.

Donivan Johnson - Will our sims be able to go to the shops to buy clothes or do they already own it all in their wadrobe?

It's already in the wardrobe.

Katharina Dahringer - Will sims4 have weather?

Not with base game. Historically we get that in expansions.

Petra Poje - Gardens, how will gardens work?

Gardens can be planted in the boxes and containers. You will also able to plant in the ground. It works like it does in Sims 3.

Fabiola Mo - Can males have pregnancy in The Sims 4 ?

Not yet that I saw no.

Leonie Sibilska - why did they make Sims 4 so cartoony it make me not want to buy it, I think this is more of a downgrade to Sims 3 as a pose to an upgrade, who agrees?

Actually once you are in game they really don't look "cartoony". Their facial expressions are very distinct this time. As for the asthetics, that's why you have a CC community :)

Наталля Арлоўская - Will there be supernatural species?

Not with Base game.

Cheryle Gough Grylls - Still would love to know if they have split level building and L or U shaped stairs.

This is a no on the stairs, however the build tools are very flexible for sunken livingrooms and high walls.

Ari Crevan - Even if they dont have pools can swims go swimming in lakes/oceans or something like that?

Not with Base game.

Kelli Williams - Will there be more active Sims in the community to interact with? I always hated that, I could go to a venue in Sims3 and there would be no other sims there. No matter how many people lived in my town, everyone would gather at one or two different locations at a time.

There will be a lot of up close and personal interactions in Sims 4. They basically have made it so you no longer have Sims tapping their feet until another Sim goes through a door or hallway. I went to the venues and there were already plenty of people inside.

  • Sims 4 Cheats Shipping with Base Game

CTRL+SHIFT+C for the control Panel and the cheats are as follows

  • Help - Lists all available commands into the command consol. This will only list cheats available to players
  • resetSim {first name} {Last name} - Resets Sims
  • Fullscreen-Toggles fullscreen on and off
  • headlineeffects on/off-hides headline effects
  • |Death.toggle - Disables Death So sim won't die
  • FreeRealEstate off/on - Can be entered in the neighborhood/world. If on homes are free while active
  • motherlode - provides 50000 simoleans
  • kaching - provides 1000 simoleans
  • rosebud - provides 1000 simoleans
  • Pressing Shift + ] at the same time - enlarges objects
  • TestingCheatsEnabled true/false-does the following
    • cas.fulleditmode-allows all CAS abilities
    • Shift Clicking objects after testing cheats is typed in brings more interactions So Shift Click plus the following:
      • Shift Click on Sims- Reset Sims-resets sim
      • Shift Click on Sim- Add to Family - adds the Sim to current family
      • Shift Click on Sim- Cheat Motive>Make Happy - sets all motives to full and set mood to happy
      • Shift Click on Sim- Cheat Motive>Disable Motive Decay - Allows all motives to remain static
      • Shift Click on Sim- Cheat Motive>Enable Motive Decay - Allows all motives to remain static
      • Shift Click on dirtyable objects (plumbing) - Make Dirty -Makes the objects dirty
      • Shift Click on dirtyable objects (plumbing) - Make Clean -Makes the objects clean
      • Shift Click on Mailbox - Reset Object - Resets object
      • Shift Click on Ground - Teleport Me Here - WHich teleports the sim to that spot
      • Shift Click on Sim - Modify everything in CAS except Genetics and name

Add Smilie

atilly2Aug 26, 2014

Is there a cheat for moving objects? For Sims 3 it was "moveobjects on/off". I use this constantly. Also I have read that there are only about 20 color choices? If this is true, it will severely limit the fun I will have. I only buy the game so that I can build/landscape/decorate the Sims houses. Please tell me I will be able to enjoy the sims4 as much as I have the sims3. Plus I love all of the CC that I get from your site as well. Thanks for sharing all this talent from them. You're great.

jomsimsAug 25, 2014

thanks for this exellent resume \:\)\:rah\:\:rah\:\:\)

pizazzAug 11, 2014

Great news! thanks so much for all the information. Cant wait! \:\)

bshag VIPAug 10, 2014

Thank you so much for these reports and screenshots! So informative that I can hardly wait until Sept 2. Of the short videos I've seen, I've almost fallen out of my chair laughing. (Pancake Bob.) I love the idea that the humor and quirkiness of the sims seems to be back...lord I can't wait for Sept.\:\)\:wub\:

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