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Above the stars - chapter 1
Published May 3, 2020

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There's a message in the wild
And I'm sending you this signal tonight
You don't know how desperate I've become
And it looks like I'm losing this fight

- missing you / John Waite.

There's a message in the wild
And I'm sending you this signal tonight
You don't know how desperate I've become
And it looks like I'm losing this fight

- missing you / John Waite.
One day, a day that I will never forget, I deeply said while I was staring at her teary eyes:

” life is too short to be wasted in sadness and regrets, and true love is so precious, so rare, whatever brings to us the next day, we have today, let me love you to the fullest, let us forget all the pain of earth, let us live the craziest stories we can ever have in our lives… Then whatever will happen in the future, what matters will be that one day, me and you, we were somewhere there in the world, we truly loved each other, and all that was enough…
I’ve never expected that after all this time, after reaching the end of all the beautiful nights we spent together, I’ll be stunned at that past forever, bleeding for a very long time, drowning in pain and memories.

I thought that falling in love and being loved will be always enough… Never thought about how long the days will be after we lose all ways to find each other.

I ran into Bridgeport city streets, feeling that my heart has turned into a ball of fire, my tears flooded as I realized that I lost her forever, now she is living away, very far away, in a different town, and has a different way, with a different partner… And I… I was just erased as all the temporary stories happened in life.
things started one year ago, during my last year of university in Unisim… I can never forget that day, I was with my best friend Edward Fort at the Conners Student Union Building, playing pool and challenging him as usual as I was a very good player.
My name is Dilan, Dilan Grace, a 23 years old business student, someone who struggled a lot in life to build a bright future to himself. I was poor and orphan but worked hard to afford to myself a respectful life full of dreams and hope.
I met Edward in my first year of university, I met him exactly at this place when he was playing pool with my roommate Drake, I defeated him and since that day we used to see each other a lot. He was so different compared to me, he was famous here however I was an unnoticeable guy, he was rich and spoiled, funny and loved by everyone and the most important a real and a good friend. – only one step before shooting you in the middle of your head!

I said with a lot of confidence.

– 3 years of hard playing and unfortunately you can’t always beat me “loser”. Seems like I have to make much more effort to make you at least can call yourself a pool player.

I added in a sarcastic way.
– You will pay for my coffee and my dinner tonight too as I see, which is cool.. It’s really nice to have you on my list of contact.

I chuckled.
– Don’t dream too much dude, not every day is your happy day, today is mine!

He said as he played his turn the last sentence he pronounced before losing for real.

I laughed from heart, started mocking of him, announcing all the times we played together and he lost while he tried to silence me.
– So ,to which restaurant will you take me this night?

Ed smirked then said with his funny tone:

– let’s meet Drake before that, he is protesting with the idiots of the art and communications classes, convincing people to stop allowing new technologies controlling them.

I laughed then added:

– Last night I was working on a new project on the net as a freelancer, and suddenly he told me to go out and had a real life, I was chocked for awhile before remembering it’s the subject of the next protest he is preparing. You have to imagine his face..

Ed smiled in a silly way:

– Let’s go and see him screaming in the middle of the Quad, that will be funny!
We came to the Quad after 10 minutes of walks and talks, in the corner we saw Drake with his strange green hair, clapping his hands with excitement.

In the middle of the protest there was a speaking podium, and a young girl that I’ve never seen before talking throw it:

” Albert Einstein said once: It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity..” Unfortunately, this has become so true, and we have to protect ourselves, we have to stop allowing computers ruin us, stop hanging to just post photos on the social media and live the moment again, stop talking while hiding behind our screens… let’s meet in real life, share the true feelings. stop hiding! Stop faking things! Stop drowning in depression and solitude! come back to live a true life with true memories…
– Who is she ?!

I said without moving my eyes from her.

– Linda Addison!

Answered Edward.

– James Addison’s unique daughter! You know him for sure.

He added.
– who does not?

I said then I scanned her, she was beautiful, very beautiful. Her father was a very famous businessman, very rich, very important, and somehow I was chocked seeing his only daughter in the middle of this place leading such protest while I always imagined that such a girl will spend all her days in the spa or the beauty centers.

– She seems to be brave.. and smart.

I said.

– Don’t stare at her so much, or you’ll be her next victim. Actually, she is everyone’s crush in Unisim, the impossible love for everyone here.

– very arrogant?!
Edward laughed, looked toward a blonde girl standing behind Drake then said:

– Are you seeing the beautiful girl there? This is Melina, Linda’s fiance young sister, her childhood friend, you understand how impossible she is?

– So she is just engaged.

– Yes, engaged to the rich and handsome businessman Liam Walters, her father’s concurrent, who will be very soon his partner.


I commented.
We saw Drake screaming there, saying some specific slogan and people around him repeated them, somehow I felt impressed seeing my roommate and my best friend in such position, so confident, believing in what he is doing, defending his ideas and beliefs in front of everyone.

Drake was a free soul, different in his way of thinking and seeing things, he was just an artist. I met him in the train the day we came to Unisim, I listened to his passionate talks for two hours maybe and we discussed a lot of ideas, I felt dizzy and I thought he liked me. After attending our destination, we decided to share the renting of a little house so we can save some money both of us.
We approached to stand beside Drake, Ed started shouting with him, interacting with the others and smiling for them, as I said before, Ed was very social. I was quite as usual, analyzing everything surrounding us… And analyzing her, not only that she impressed me with her words, she made me believe that she is one of the rarest women in the earth, the very strong type of women.. The female copy of her father, James Addison. When she finished her speech, everyone in the Quad encircled her, start throwing flowers and colorful little papers at her, complimenting her.. I clapped my hands and I watched her. how can I describe exactly what I felt at those precious moments? Maybe the same feeling of seeing the sunrise for the first time, or maybe that was the same feeling when a sudden breeze touches our skin softly, and I don’t know why I had those strange feelings inside, I thought it was only the energy I won listening to her surrounded with all those students believing in her strength. She turned her head looking at her friends and laughing, that was the moment when I observed all her small details, her shining blue eyes, her white face, her brilliant teeth, and her charming smile… “She was gorgeous”… I said that to myself, me, the boy who never, never, never looked at a woman’s face for so long because he is thinking she is more beautiful than the spring and he just can’t get enough of her. Everything was happening slowly, very slowly… But at those 5 seconds, when she suddenly looked into my eyes, gave me those curious regards before turning again toward her friends, at those 5 seconds I was stunned and my heart was flying.

The protest has reached his end, everyone left to his own business, we met Drake and start talking, he asked:

– So what’s the plan? Do we go to the coffee-shop or to the bowling?

Ed replied:

– I thought you’re going to throw a party celebrating the successful protest and taking a first step toward living the true and funny life.
– So let me guess, you lost in the pool again and you are asked to pay everyone’s ticket and dishes!

Ed murmured:

– You will pay them all tonight dude, we will celebrate you first.

They continue arguing both of them, I was lost in the thousand thoughts I had in mind, I was lost on her…
She was standing there, just in front of me with that girl called Melina, playing the guitar, I felt like every note coming from her music is kissing my heart tightly.

as much as I felt amazed that evening, I felt confused, I didn’t though for even a minute that I was falling in love, just like everyone who watched Linda for so long.. I thought that she is exactly like any other beautiful and charming girl, that she may steal my attention for some hours… I was a super fan of art and she seemed to be an art… The way she is standing, the way she is holding her guitar, the way she is smiling, the way her hair danced with the wind… everything around her was an art… and I just loved to see all that and to feel the magic coming from her Until today, I still cannot translate the feelings I had inside me, or why everything around us disappeared so nothing except me and her existed there, nothing except the music and the wind and her smile affected me… Everything was beautiful, soft, and lovely as a fairy dream, I felt like if I was flying so high to attend a point that no one reached before… that I’ve crossed the world limits, and for the five minutes I spent there before leaving the Quad I felt like if I was standing above the stars. Hello everyone <3 thank you for reading all that.
Actually this is the first time I write something in English, my language may not be fluent so if you guys have some advices for me or if I made grammar mistakes or a bad use of some words I'll appreciate if you put me all that in the comments...

I hope you liked the first chapter of this story <3 all the love

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