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How I Met Liam 6
Published Jan 25, 2021

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These are my college bandmates Julia and Devin. They seem like a nice couple but good musicians. You know they are harmless. They are 21 years old.

These are my college bandmates Julia and Devin. They seem like a nice couple but good musicians. You know they are harmless. They are 21 years old.
Julia dyed her hair hot pink last month. Hopefully she takes good care of it. Devin is one of these handsome bandmates of mine. He has a bunch of tattoos all over his body. So do the rest of my bandmates.
Julia and Devin have been dating since they were 17 years old. They went to the prom together in junior and senior class. I can't remember what school they went to, though. Those were happy times that I will never forget.
Ever since I got a bunch of tattoos and piercings and dyed my hair in colors of my choice with red highlights, I changed a lot. I live a happy life since I got in a relationship with a businessman that I met online on the dating app.
I realize that I was being nice to my bandmates and I always will be. They won't do anything to get me angry at all. I feel guilty losing my mother, my brother and my grandparents but I had no choice but to move on with my life.
I have always been nice to my bandmates. They know I grew up in a village in the United States of America, where they're from. My whole family are Americans. I was once a country girl but now I'm a city slicker.
The Japanese guy that I had to get to know died from liver cancer. I will never forget him and never forget to remember him. The guy named Liam is the one that I'm engaged to has a stage name called James Hayate. His code name is Nelson Crisp.
I became an actress after I started my own band. Things have changed since time doesn't stay put. My bandmates and I are friends until the end of time.
My high school friend Tessa knew that I grew up in Turtlepoint, Pennsylvania. I lived there for 25 years. I moved there when I was 2 years old. I grew up there. I thought of living there for the rest of my life but my brother moved back there when I was almost 28 years old.
I knew that Devin would propose for marriage to Julia. I want myself to be friends with them until the end of time. They are family-oriented, though.
In this story I lost a lot of weight. It's the karate, Tae Bo, Dancin' Body, Tai Chi, Py-yoga, and Zumba that keep me thin. I used to be overweight but not anymore. Really, I lost a lot of weight in my story.
Devin realizes that we have band practice every afternoon at 3 pm. I had to ask the director of Funimation permission to be excused for band practice and he said yes. I also thought about playing Kitana in the TV series Mortal Kombat: The Series.
I am going to dinner with Liam and my friends. Some of those voice actors have died from stomach cancer, which have been single for a long time. I miss them terribly. I will never forget them and I will never forget to remember them.
Not everyone in my life knew that I'm autistic and bipolar and schizophrenic. I also have social anxiety and I need to recover from that mental illness of mine. I got my driver's license when I moved into my own place in Fortuna, California.
I have been knitting and crocheting since summer 1998, right before my first niece was born. I have been cross stitching since I was almost 10 years old. I have been latch-hooking since I was almost 10 years old as well. Since I was 14, I have been sewing. Ever since I my mother died, I started cooking for myself and my family.
My 3 bandmates Louis, Malane, and Blake have been very nice to me since I met them. They drive. They also have long hair and a bunch of tattoos as well. The genre we play is melodic death metal, death metal, thrash metal, and metalcore.
I learned the state capitals when I was in 5th grade. I was 11 years old that time. I finished high school at age 20. I sometimes listen to Iced Earth, and Lamb of God.
I have been playing video games ever since I was almost 13 years old. I was about to be in 7th grade that time, or should I say in Junior High.
I crocheted a lot of baby blankets for those in need of baby blankets. I also knitted a lot of things which keep me warm during the winter. My mother has always hated winter, though.
So here I am, making a music video of the song Careless, the song I wrote about traveling the world without getting lost. It takes place at the Six Flags Magic Mountain.
I do the growling, the screaming and the singing when I perform live and make music videos, along with recording those albums. I'm a female who listens to whatever music I like.
I dye my hair whatever color I want. I can get whatever I want sometimes. I might become a rich and famous female, who is so powerful. I was a popular girl in high school for various reasons, though.
I take flute and rhythm guitar lessons in college. I always do and I will keep taking those lessons until I get a degree from those colleges of my choice. Hopefully, I'd be on the honor roll in college in real life, though.
Minutes later, I finish making the music video at the Six Flags Magic Mountain. I get paid the next 5 days for making that music video.
I practice for my concert at the Six Flags Magic Mountain after I finish the music video that I'd be making. Along with other places around the world. I also like to perform as an actress and to model and to write novels and knit and crochet books.
I beat Final Fantasy X once by coming up with a plan. The reason why I haven't beaten some other RPG games is because I haven't come up with a plan yet. Beating Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete without coming up with a plan was a mistake. I know I should've come up with a plan. Beating Final Fantasy X on my PS2 and beating Tekken 3 at the mall were the hardest things I've ever done.
That's Liam, in his wig, talking to Samuel L. Jackson about being in one of his movies. I mentioned to you earlier that Liam's stage name is James Hayate and his code name is Nelson Crisp. I might not have to tell you again.
The next 4 days, I think about performing live in concert at the Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time after recording my first album. I dye my hair lime green 6 hours before my concert there for the first time in my story. My song Thinking of You is dedicated to my mother, my brother and my grandparents. How I miss them terribly.
The first song that I would be performing from my first album is Taken, the song that I wrote about my dream boyfriend in The Sims 3 and why he started developing a crush on me in that game.
Before I began to perform in my concert in my story, I circle my hair around, looking at the floor. My bandmates have been head banging while they've been playing their musical instruments for my band.
Also during my choral part, I circle my hair around, looking at the floor while reading the lyrics to the songs that I wrote for my first album. I would be performing all my songs from all of my albums. Guaranteed.
I wear contact lenses most of the time in my story. Sometimes in my story, I wear glasses. I got the contact lenses prescription from the contact lenses commercial in my story.
After I perform my first song in my concert, I say 'Thank you' in front of the audience. In my story, the audience starts to love me.
When I begin to perform my next song in concert, I circle my hair around, staring at the floor. I have been thinking about making the realtor of the realtor app proud of me when I become famous.
On my next song, I perform the first verse in my second song, reading my lyrics. Not that I'm cheating or anything, I just want to make sure I memorize the lyrics to all of my songs.
During my choral part of my next song, I circle my hair around, staring at the floor while reading the lyrics to my song. I like circling my hair around looking at the floor during my concert and in my music videos in my story.
My managers are my karate instructors. One of them dresses himself as a cat for Halloween every year, though. I'm certain that he loves cats as much as I do, really.
I love singing. I taught myself singing lessons when I was 12 years old in January 1994. How I did that is by memorizing the lyrics to each song while watching the movies that have singing in them.
As I finish my songs from my first album in my concert, I talk to the audience about what I became famous for. I like to keep busy. I do what I like to do to keep busy.
At the end of my concert, I get ready for bed after I pack up and go to the next city in the next state and the next country. My back gets sore after the live performance in my story. I have back trouble in real life, though. Good thing I had to get chiropractic help from the chiropractor in Elk County, Pennsylvania.
I am glad Liam's K-1 visa has been approved. He finally came to the US so he and I can get married. Liam: I heard your concert was great.
Ellee: You heard right, baby.
Liam: I also heard your music is amazing.
Ellee: You got that right, sweetheart.
Liam: Your fans say you've done a fantastic job performing live.
Ellee: You and my fans are absolutely right.
Liam: My sister likes your music.
Ellee: She does?
Liam: Yeah.
Ellee: Molly or Lorna?
Liam: Both.
Liam: It's too bad your brother, your mother, and your grandparents are going to miss out on your live performances.
Ellee: You're right. You're absolutely right.
Liam: I'm sure they're going to miss out on your acting and your modeling as well.
Ellee: That's true.
Liam: Your mother, your brother and your grandparents will be proud.
Ellee: You are right.
Liam: I'd video chat with you while you're on your world tour.
Ellee: That's good.
Liam: Do you know what the gender our child is?
Ellee: It's too soon to tell.
Liam: After catholic classes, I'm going to be video chatting with you.
Ellee: I gotcha.
Liam: I'm glad we're getting married.
Ellee: Same here.
Liam: Pretty soon would be Valentine's Day.
Ellee: You got that right, sweetheart.
Liam: In 75 days, we'd be married.
Ellee: Yes.
Liam and I are getting married in 75 days in this story. This is now based on 90-day Fiance. I've always watched the show for years. Ellee: I enjoyed my dinner.
Liam: Same.
Ellee: Do your parents and siblings know I'm pregnant?
Liam: I'm sure they do.
Ellee: You like my adoptive family, don't you?
Liam: Yes I do.
Liam: My family loves you.
Ellee: I know they do.
Liam: Do you like my family?
Ellee: Yes.
Ellee: Have you ever seen the movie Man's Best Friend?
Liam: Yes but my parents didn't care for it.
Ellee: Neither did my mom and grandma.
Ellee: Tomorrow I go to your country during my world tour.
Liam: You promise to be safe?
Ellee: I promise I'll be safe.
Liam: You taking the flight to London?
Ellee: Yes I am.
Liam: I'll help you get ready for your first world tour.
Ellee: Okay.

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