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I Do - CH 1 -
Published Jan 12, 2021

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It's me Geuliz, It's been a while. ♡
So much happened on these past few years (yes, years!) ♡
This is my comeback story, and mostly I will do the poses myself, and also using from my Sensei Fyachii. ♡

On this story, I will use my sims (New Version and Old Version of Liz), Fyachii's sims (My forever favorite Keiichi), and also from bakabakasims3 (Alice!, I own the old ver of him that she sent me before I MIA ♡♡)
If she happened to notice this...MOM! Can I get the newer ver of him?!! *Shaking hard your shoulders

For my speedo team!
I Misschu Girls!!

For You~!
Stay healthy and always be Happy!~

It's me Geuliz, It's been a while. ♡
So much happened on these past few years (yes, years!) ♡
This is my comeback story, and mostly I will do the poses myself, and also using from my Sensei Fyachii. ♡

On this story, I will use my sims (New Version and Old Version of Liz), Fyachii's sims (My forever favorite Keiichi), and also from bakabakasims3 (Alice!, I own the old ver of him that she sent me before I MIA ♡♡)
If she happened to notice this...MOM! Can I get the newer ver of him?!! *Shaking hard your shoulders

For my speedo team!
I Misschu Girls!!

For You~!
Stay healthy and always be Happy!~
Bear Mountain Bay, Friday afternoon around 11 am, I have an appointment with Fujiwara Keiichi to discuss a joint project with RK Company. RK is a well-known contracting companies in BMB. Their next project is a twenty three stories hotel. They want us to work on the interior. Ours is an Interior Design Company. I work here since last year. And our leader ask me to try to submit a design plan to them. And apparently they are interested on my design and Mr. Ryuuki ask his assistant, Fujiwara Keiichi, to come to meet me at our office and hear about my concept further.

My name is Liz Himura, 25 years old woman. But! I'm not single. I have a boyfriend, his name is Alice, he's an architect and he's two years older than me. I met him on a project eight months ago, and we were start dating a month after that.
Liz : That is more or less about my design concept.
I was a little bit nervous at first, but I successfully finish my presentation without any mistakes.

Kei : Very well. I will inform about our meeting to our CEO. We will get in touch with you soon.
He looks satisfied with my presentation.
He stand up and reaching his hand out to me and I followed him to stand up then take his hand with mine.

Kei : Thank you for your time, Miss Himura. And to be honest, I personally love the idea you put lime and orange for the main color.

Liz : The pleasure is mine, Mr. Fujiwara. Have a safe trip.

Kei : Will do.
After Mr. Fujiwara leave, I walked to the office kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.
While waiting for my coffee to be done, I checked my phone if there's a reply from Alice yet. As usual I chat him "Good Morning" this morning, and also inform him that I'm about to go to office.
But, there's no reply from him. And he hasn't read them yet.
I sighed.
Well, he's always..and I know..sometimes he didn't even contact me for days because of his project. But then he will call me after he's done.
It's been seven months that we're dating, so I'm used to it.
But, still..

*I sighed again
After my coffee is done, I bring it to my desk and prepare to try get some of my work done before our clock out time.
But then again..I checked my phone once again.
Still no new chat from him.
'Come on, he's busy with work, Liz. Focus!'
I open my design software and then logged in to my account.
As usual I leave from work at five. I always use the bus to go to and from work.
I reached my apartment around 5:35pm, I put my bag on my closet then went to take the shower after that.
After taking a quick shower, I make myself a simple dinner. I sat down to the chair then open my Simsline apps to send Alice the picture of Autumn Salad I just make.
"Eating my salad now~"

Liz : Sent~!
I put my phone down to the table and when about to take a spoon of my salad, my phone notification went off.
There's a chat reply from Alice. I put my spoon back and reply his chat quickly.
He said there was a problem with the supplier, and it settled now.
Then he said he will go finish some work now,

Liz : I see, pity him..hope he didn't overwork himself.
I muttering myself while typing my reply to him.
Liz : Ah, I need to remind him about our date tomorrow~

I got an "OK" from him.
I grinned then put my phone back to the table and then starting to eat my salad again.
Later that night, around 9pm, When Alice just leave his office and walking towards his car on the parking lot, someone called him from behind. Alice : Ice? What are you doing here?

Ice : Just miss you.

Alice : You broke up with me a year ago and now you come to me saying that you miss me?
Ice : Because I really DO miss you.
She walks slowly towards him.
Ice : I need to break up with you that time because paparazzi got a picture of us and my agency asked me to break up with you after they successfully bribed him.

Alice : So funny, and I've heard you got a new guy as your boyfriend last year.

Ice : I did that to protect you. That paparazzi keeps following you for few month. And I've heard you got a girlfriend too.
Alice : I do.
He stopped.
Alice : You better go before someone saw you here with me, or even paparazzi.

Ice : I don't care about it now.

Alice : But, I do care. Someone might get hurt.

Ice : Your little girlfriend, you mean?
She said as she leaned closer to him.
Alice : ....

Ice : You know what, I know that you haven't even kiss her yet. I bet you were avoiding your date with her as much as you can by saying you were busy with work.
She paused.
Ice : Because deep in your heart, you are still hopping that I will be back to you.

Alice : I've planned to ask her to move in with me tomorrow.

Ice : Don't push yourself too hard, Babe.

Alice : Can't you stop being like this? It will damage your image when someone see you like this.

Ice : Then bring me somewhere quieter. I do really miss your touch.
She whispered.

Alice : Ice..
Ice : I promise, this will be the last time.
She paused.
Ice : For the last time, and we will letting go of our feeling for each other after tonight.
Saturday morning, around 7:30 am Liz : Do I put too much blush on...? I think no..right?
I was busy dolling myself to look cuter for my boyfriend after more than two weeks we didn't see each other.
Liz : Aah, I need to go now or I will miss the bus.
I arrived at the cafe around 7:55 am. But until 9 am there's no sign of him yet. I keep looking back to the cafe door whenever the customer enter. Then I stopped myself to looking back and trying to chat him. And after a while, there's a reply from him. 'I'm sorry, I don't think I can make it'
He said

Liz : ....
Kei : But we already agreed to meet up today. I haven't see you in two months, don't you know that I miss you?

"I am sorry, Kei."
Kei : Damn it..

I heard familiar voice from behind me and I turn my head to see if that's really him.
'Should I try to call him..?'
Liz : Mr. Fujiwara..?

He turned his body slightly and our eyes meet.
Kei : Ms. Himura?

After that, he joined me on my table and laugh about our cancelled date. He told me that his girlfriend is super busy with her schedule and it's so hard to meet up. And he showed me their picture on his phone. I was surprised knowing that his girlfriend is Ice! A famous young singer Ice! And he asked me to keep it secret, and I tease him that I will tell the world about it. And I also told him about my workaholic but handsome boyfriend, Alice.

We have the similarity, we choose this cafe coz it's not many customer so we can relax and talk while enjoying our cake and coffee.
We chatted for a while before we stepped out from the cafe together. I don't feel so down anymore because of my date with Alice was cancelled.

Liz : Thank you for today, Mr. Fujiwara. I feel much better now.

Kei : Actually me too. Thanks to you, Ms. Himura.

Liz : Please, just call me Liz if I'm not working. Coz I do separate work and personal life. And can I call you Mr. Keiichi?

Kei : Just Kei it's fine.
He replied.

Liz : So, Mr. Kei, let me treat you coffee next time for thanking you paying my cake earlier.
When he was about to answer, my Simsline is keep beeping, someone spamming me with chat.
Liz : Ah, sorry, one sec..

I took my phone out from my bag and there's many chat from my coworker, and even sent me an attachment.
She asked me if that man on the video is Alice, my boyfriend.
I clicked the video and I was dumbfounded.
Kei : Is everything okay, Ms. Liz?
He paused for a sec to hear my reply, but instead I was silent.
Kei : Ms. Liz?
Liz : Is your girlfriend..really.. Ice..?

He frowned
Kei : Uh..huh..
I let him see the video I just got a while a go from my coworker, in that video is about Alice and Ice flirting on the parking lot, and also there's an article about them went inside a hotel together and leaving together this dawn.

Kei : ...who is this guy..

Liz : ..That' boyfriend..

Kei : What the hell is going on in here..
We decided to walk on a nearby park and trying to get in touch with our partner.
'I'm sorry, I know what I did is wrong. And wont give any excuses. Let's talk about this once you calmed down, okay?'
That was Alice told me.
And I hang up on him. I don't know what to say if he told me like that.

Kei : What do you mean you're not sorry? Do you know what day today is?

"I'm busy now, let's talk about this another time"
After that she hang up on him
After a moment, he walks towards me and stopped right before me.
Kei : What..did your boyfriend say?

Liz : He said he had no excuses..

Kei : And she said she's not sorry at all..
He sighed.
He took a seat beside me and then throw his gaze up to the clear sky.
Kei : What a day..

Liz : ...
Kei : Today is our first anniversary ..and I was going to propose her today..I was imagining a happy marriage life with her..
He paused
Kei : But instead..

Liz :
I paused
Liz : I dreamed about it too..I want to take a good care of him since he always overwork himself..Making his meal for him everyday..But..
He sighed
Kei : What now...feels like I'm wasting a year of my time.. a year.. I could've meet another girl and maybe I already have a happily marriage life with her now..

Liz : ...
I went silent
Liz : you.. want get married now?
I blurted out unexpected question and I saw him looking at me with a surprised look.
Liz : We dreamed about the same
I paused
Liz : Or I looks like I'm not good enough..?
Kei : Are you serious..?
He's still in disbelief.
Kei : You know, we just meet yesterday. You are smart and pretty, Then why do you want to gambling your life with a stranger you just meet yesterday..
Liz : They can do that behind our back..why can't we?

Kei : ...You mean..?

Liz : They are not even sorry, why do we have to be hurt by ourselves here..

Kei : ...
An hour later..
We were out from the City Hall, walking side to side.
Kei : So..this is it?

Liz : I guess.. I don't know as well..
We both look puzzled while looking at the marriage certificate that has been approved on his hand.

Kei : So..we're married by law now?

Liz : I guess..?
Liz : Should I call you Hubby now?
I chuckled

Kei : I can't believe that I'm a married man now
we both laughing from can't believe ourselves what we just did.
After that, he drive me back to my apartment, and even walk me to the front door. Liz : This is it. Thank you for today, Mr. Kei.
But instead of answering, he fell silent.
Liz : Mr. Kei?
Kei : Do on the fourth floor, room 402 by the way?

Liz : How do you know?

Kei : Ice lived there before..

We both fell silent for a moment.

Liz : I-I see..
I paused.
Liz : Alice said his friend lived here until last year, and he ask me to move here since it's closer to my work place..

We both fell silent once more.

Kei : Just move in with me. We need to get to know each other better..We're married after all. Well, at least..until we meet our soulmate.
He paused.
Kei : I wont do something you don't approve.
I smiled after a moment of thinking.
Liz : Okay.
I nodded.

Kei : I will come to get you tomorrow morning, is that fine with you?

Liz : Sure. I'll be waiting here at 8 tomorrow.

Kei : Ok. I'll be going now. See you tomorrow..wifey.

I chuckled
Liz : See you tomorrow, hubby.
Later that night, I don't have appetite for eating my dinner. I'm fine during the day because Kei is with me, but my chest is tightened when I'm alone.
Was I not a good girlfriend to him..?
To be continued..

PS :
I can't stop fangirling over Kei and Alice..Seriously...

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angielavellanFeb 18, 2021

this is going on too fast... And I'm loving it. \:wub\:

summoner.witchJan 17, 2021

Your stories are cool. Stay safe.

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