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I Do - CH 2 -
Published Jan 12, 2021

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This is the second Chapter~

This is the second Chapter~ The next morning around 7:45 am, I went out from my apartment with my luggage and using the elevator to go down to the first floor. I was dragging my heavy luggage to the outside building. I look around to see if Keiichi is arrived then I take a seat on my luggage. I throw my gaze to the sky, and talking to myself. 'What a clear sky..'
I take a deep breath to help me relax.
I can't fall asleep until dawn last nite, so much going on inside my head. So I decided to cleaning up my things before I move out. My body feel so tired now, but I don't think my head will let me to take a rest. Whenever I try to close my eyes, I remember about Alice and Ice.
In the other side, Keiichi was on his way for picking up Liz at her apartment. On the way, he keeps thinking about if he did a right thing to ask Liz to move in with him just because of his ego. But he made a promise to himself that he will protect her for now. At least until she's okay. I was deep in thought until I heard a car engine sound approaching. When I looking to my right side, I saw Keiichi's car slowing down towards me. When the car is stopped, I stand up and then greet him once he's out from his car.

Liz : Morning..

Kei : Morning, did you wait long?

Liz : Nah, I just came down few minutes ago.

Kei : ....
He was fell silent while looking at my face.

Liz : Is there something wrong on my face..?

Kei : Ah, no, I'm sorry. You didn't get enough of sleep last night, did you?
*I chuckled
Liz : Is that so obvious?

Kei : Not really, but you looked a little bit tired to me.

Liz : I am!
I'm trying to look cheerful, and he just gave me a knowing smile.

Kei : So, only 1 bag?

Liz : Uh-huh. And this is super heavy.

Kei : Let me help you with it.

Liz : Thank you!
On the way, we decided to walk around the park near the bridge for a while. Kei : Walking in a public park look so simple for a normal couple, isn't it?
He paused
Kei : But it's a "No" for us.
Liz :...
I looked at his face from the side when he said that. He looked so tired.

Kei : Well, It's over now I guess?
He laughed at himself.
Kei : Let's find a warm drink for us.
He smiled to me

And I nodded.
While we were walking to find a drink, I saw a hotdog stand and I without thinking grabbed Kei's right arm to make him stop walking.

Kei : ?!

Liz : Wait, do you like hot dog? Wanna buy some?

Kei :... sure.
Liz : I'd like to have the grilled cheese one, which one do you like?

Kei : Naked.

Liz : W-what?

Kei : The hot dog.

Liz : A-ah..I see..
I just realized my hand on his arm,
Liz : I-I'm sorry..

When I was about to pull my hand from his arm, he stopped me.
Kei : I don't mind. You can keep it there. Wifey.

Liz : Heyy, are you teasing me right now?

Kei : Lets buy the hot dog.

Liz : Okaay.

After we buy the hot dog, we brought them to the coffee shop nearby and eat them while waiting our drink to be served.
When our drink is served, he suddenly got a phone call then he stand up and answer the call.
He was on phone for a while, and I'm just sitting here finishing my hot dog then take a sip of my latte.
Kei : Well..I don't know if I can go tonight..
He cast a glance of Liz when answering.
Kei : I will inform you later. OK, bye.
After a while, he's back to his seat and say

Kei : Uhm, will you be okay if I leave you alone tonight?
He paused
Kei : My friend come to visit BMB, and he asked me to meet up tonight.
Liz : Can you..bring me too?
I asked.
Liz : I might overthinking again if I'm alone..

Kei : But, is that okay with you because he asked me to meet up at a lounge bar.

Liz : I guess so..
'Better than being alone..' my thought..
I've said that, but I don't know what should I wear. I don't want to embarrass him in front of his friend. So I picked a black dress that I bought online last week . Liz : I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Kei : It's..okay..

Liz : Do I look weird?
Kei : No..It's just..
He stopped.
'What if you catch a cold..'
Kei : N-nothing, let's go.

I nodded.
When we were arrived on Light Lounge Bar, his friend greet us at the entrance. His name is Yuu.
We went inside together and then take a seat somewhere in the corner. I was looking around the area while they were chatting. I can't really hear what they were talking about because of the music. But then I've heard my name being called.
Apparently Yuu were the one who called me.
Yuu : If this guy ever hurt you, just come to me instead.
He said a little bit loud for me to hear

Liz : E-eh?
Kei : Can't you say something nice about me instead?
He complained

Yuu : You? Nice?

I laughed at their banter.
After that, we ordered our drink to the waiters that just walked towards our table.
And Kei ordered a non-alcohol drink for me
Yuu : Hey, isn't that Mr. Sei over there?

Kei : Where?
He's looking towards the direction Yuu was looking at.

Yuu : The group that just entered.

Kei : Ah, that.
Kei : Want to go greet him?

Yuu : Yeah, wanna go?

Kei : I guess I need to at least to say hello.
He suddenly leaned on me a little bit to tell me that they need to go to greet someone just for a while. I said OK.
But they didn't return after almost half an hour, and I was so thirsty. The waiters already bring our drink fifteen minutes ago, but she's only bring two glasses. I don't know which one is mine, so I took the orange smells drink and take a sip. It tasted like orange, like soda, delicious but a little weird. I keep drinking it because I find it tasty. But not long after I almost finish half of the glass of that drink, I feel so dizzy and got a little bit of headache. My eyes can't focus anymore, so I rest my head back to the sofa. "Hey, are you okay?"
I can feel someone was talking to me, but I can't give my respond to him.
I feel my body was floating before I blacked out.
I don't know how long I blacked out, when I woke up I was in a unfamiliar room and wearing a big shirts instead of my dress. I was looking at my surrounding and saw the clock on the wall.
I slowly get up from the bed, and reaching the door to get out.
I saw familiar figure sitting on the sofa reading a book, and I clenched my fist.
Liz : U-uhm..

He closed the book on his hand and put it on the table then slowly turn himself to look at me.
Alice : ...
He was silently looking at me, and he looks like studying my face for a little while. And I throw my gaze on the floor.
Alice : You are in my house.

Liz : W-why..?

Alice : Don't you remember you passed out at the bar?

Liz : ...

He sighed.
Alice : I'll go get you a drink to sober you up.
He get up from his seat and walking towards the kitchen.
I followed him from behind while still got a lot of question in my head. But I can't bring myself to ask him.
'Did he changed my clothes too....? Did he saw my underwear...? How can he be so calm...? Or..Am I not attractive?'
Alice : I just remember, earlier your phone kept ringing. So I answered the call.
He paused.
Alice : Was it the guy named Kei who bring you to the bar?

Liz : K-kei?
'He must be worried!'
Liz : W-where is my phone?

He looking at me with a scary look on his face when he suddenly pinned me by the wall.
Alice : Who is this Kei guy?
He asked me but I didn't answer.
Alice : You've said to me you can't drink, why did you go there and get drunk.
Liz : It has nothing to do with you.
I looked away.

Alice : Nothing, you say..?
He murmured under his breath.
I cast my gaze to meet his eyes.
Liz : Why? Why do you care anyway?

Alice : You are my girl.

Liz : And yet you went to the hotel with another girl.

Alice : I was waiting for you to calm down before I explain the detail.
He paused
Alice : Coz whatever I will say on that day, you wont believe me.

Liz : What? You wanted to say that you and her didn't do anything in that room? For two hours?
Alice : I did kiss her.

Liz : ...

Alice : But I stopped before I went too far.

'He..kissed her..'

Alice : Ice is my ex, she suddenly broke up with me last year without explanation. And last night she suddenly showed up before me. And I thought I need to make a proper closure for our relationship.

Liz : By sleeping with her?

Alice : I didn't.
Liz : Do you expect me to believe that you only kissed her? Then you should've gave her a super passionate kiss there for two hours!
I'm trying to hold back my anger for a second before continuing.
Liz : We've never even have a proper date once.. You've only hold my hand once and I'm the one who asked you to!

Alice : ....

Liz : A kiss..
I laughed at myself.
Liz : I know I am not attractive. I'm not pretty, I know!
I'm holding back my tears that about to fall.
Liz : And I know you don't even feel anything about me...But why do you even agree to date me?!
He suddenly pull me by the force and catch my lips with his.
But opposite to that, he kissed my lips softly and gently.
After a while, he wrapped his arms around me and hug me tight.
Alice : Can you..shut up..
He whispered

Liz : ...

Alice : It's not like I don't want to touch you, kiss you...But, I feel that it won't be fair to you..
He paused.
Alice : I just need a proper closure..
He explained.

Liz : I..want to go home..

Alice : ...
He tightened his arms around me before releasing them.
"Let me take you home"

"No..I'll order a cab.."

Before changing my clothes, I order a Grabz car on my phone apps.
The car arrived just when I'm finish changing my clothes.
Without saying anything, I left him there at the gate and went inside the car.

Around 02:13 am I arrived at Kei's place. I unlocked the door using the spare key that Kei gave me this morning.
Kei : Right, like that. Just do exactly like just now on tomorrow's meeting, and you'll be fine.

"Thanks Mr. Fujiwara, and I'm sorry to zoops you on this late hour."

Kei : No probs. Just call me anytime if you need assistance.

*Click Clack
Kei : ?
Liz : ...
I stood still in front of the door after closing them. My lips still feels hot and I still don't believe that Alice just kissed me earlier.
Kei : ..
'Is that her..?'

"Is there something wrong Mr.Fujiwara?"

Kei : No, no. I'll see you tomorrow on the meeting.

"Okay, have a good rest."

Kei : You too, good luck tomorrow.

When he ended the Zoops call, no one is approaching the living room. So he get up from his seat and decided to take a look.
Kei :'re back..

Liz : H-huh. Uh-hm..

Kei : Are you..okay?

Liz : I-I am..
He looks like about to say something but he didn't say anything.

Liz : I'll..go to my room now..

Kei : Okay..
To be continued =P

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angielavellanFeb 18, 2021

oh gOd, Kei is such an angel and Liz, girl, I'M HALF HALF HALF as pretty as you, so dOn'T drive yourself insAnE about that prick who didn't appreciate you

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