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Toddler Tartan Shorts Suit (ItemID: 1509762)

I've set some flags wrong on this suit and forgot to include the thumbnail for the male toddlers . I have corrected this, so please download the fixed version. I am very sorry to have made such a mistake and apologize for the inconvenience.

Naturalis Office, Skills and Hobbies WCIF

Hey guys and girls :)

Here we go with the WCIF Naturalis Office list:

Naturalis Office  

Naturalis Skills and Hobbies

Naturalis Plants II 

To get prior published Naturalis Collection WCIF items, please see this blog post


'Natural Stone' 3 steps by SIMcredible @ TSR

 'Oh Reykjavik' whisky bottle by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Vogue' wine bottle 1 by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Vogue' wine bottle 2 by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Breezy' soda bottle by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Regenerate' wall lamp by SIMcredible @ TSR

 'Young Way Goodies' soda can by SIMcredible @ TSR

 'Amena' rug by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Athena' Star lamp by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Athena' Sphere lamp by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Athena' Little lamps by SIMcredible @ TSR

 'Nature In' Vertical garden by SIMcredible @ TSR

 'Come Cozy' faux fur rug by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Rustiko' cushion by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Tropics bar' 4 glasses by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Vitra' 3 cushions by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Granny greatest hits' glasses by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Theorem Hallway' mat by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Solatium' knitting Pouf by SIMcredible @ TSR

 'Beachy days' hammock by SIMcredible @ TSR

'Country Coffee' mug by SIMcredible @ TSR


'La Femme Extras' faux fur rug: > left menu > bedrooms 

 'Bontempo' separator: > left menu > misc rooms 

'Morning tea Decor' column: > left menu > bedrooms 

 'Mix it!' separator: > left menu > bathrooms 

 'Energy' vertical garden: > left menu > living rooms 

 'Scandifever' wall lamp: > left menu > bedrooms 

 'Call of the wild' curtain: > left menu > bedrooms 

 'Suavis' 4 cushions: > left menu > living rooms 


Windows from 'Lyne Build Set I' by Nynaeve @ TSR

'Lyne Curtains I' sheer curtain 1z1 by Nynaeve @ TSR


 'Patterned Jute rugs' by Peacemaker:


'Colour me black rugs' by Peacemaker:


going Re-edit every CC i made from 2015 -2017 hehe


LGBTQ+ Shirt!

Guess who's spending all their time on making cc? Meeee!

I figured out how to attach photos so uhhh- :D

Bisexual shoes!

Heyyo! I made some bisexual shoes! I originally saw these on pinterest and decided to make them! :D

I'm still trying to figure out how to upload pictures and make it look good so bare with me- Feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

TSR Update: Custom Content Windows and Doors

Find out how to update your broken cc window and doors from the EA/Origin patch on September 3, 2020. 

Read post on TSR FB page here:

I used TSR Download Manager to do my updating, which made it much easier to do in my opinion. If you do not have TSR Download Manager just reinstall your cc windows and doors manually to update them. "Some" windows and doors work fine, but my arches are still broken. 

Happy Simming and Good Luck!

Fixed all broken windows, doors and arches

I just wanted to let you all know that I uploaded the last set yesterday. All of my sets are now fixed, that is for the normal windows, doors and arches. Due to EA's patch I didn't do the Single windows, door and arches. You can use them all over the wall now.

I really like the new feature and am full of inspiration again. It was fun to go trough all of my sets again (it was about 900 fixes I did :)). I might do some add-ons for some older sets. If any of you have a request about that, please feel free to drop a comment! Have fun simming!

Welcome to Spooky Season!

0ctober 7th

So there has already been a hiccup in this month's challenge! One of my mods got rejected! I can't be bothered to change it because that would defeat it's purpose, so I won't share it. It sucks but I do forget how PG 13 this site actually is, thought the item is meant solely as an accessory and not made to be worn by itself...

It's frustrating because I was a developer on IMVU and they allowed creators to get away with stuff as long as you had a purchaseable pass to do so. I understand TSR's logic on being 'family friendly' but it really stifles my creativity. I hate having to watch out for what I'm making instead of feeling free to create whatever I want. Maybe in the future I'll create a patreon account and share my work through there but it's unrealistic right now because I'm not entirely happy with the level I'm creating at. 

One day I want to get a better computer and learn more about blender and maybe even purchase a program like Marvelous Designer but until then uploading solely to TSR is a bit of an easy hobby and simple to navigate. I don't like a lot of things about this site but it is the easiest way for me to share my creations at the moment. I'm not good with keeping up websites or updating social media accounts. Heck, my own facebook art page has been silent for MONTHS now, mostly because I don't draw like I use to. *Sigh*

I'm a little annoyed so i wanted to ramble, don't mind me... Hppy Spooky Season!


I've tried to post to each comment but for some reason it isn't letting me. So I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has downloaded my content and like it. This really means so much to me. I'm have stepped away from creating in order to grieve family losses, but intend to return with more comment. Again I thank each and everyone of you and appreciate you. Much love to all...


A Huge Thank You!

Hey luvs,

I just hit 1 million downloads here and I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you! I'm absolutely blown away by the lovely comments and guest book entires you're leaving. Even though, I don't reply to all of them, I want you to know that I read every single one of them and I appreciate your kind words very much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❀

Stay safe and take care! 😘

Love, Ákos

October (Modtober?)

What even is a blog? I'm just going to use it as a modding diary of sorts. So, in a way, it's like I'm talking to myself and whoever decides to read this, lol.

I've been having so much fun modding the Sims 4, I never really expected to get into it so hard. It's a really great feeling to know that thousands of peopl click onto one of my creations and decide that they want it in their game. There's a lot of things that I don't know and am still learning but I hope to improve even more along the way! 

I take inspiration from anywhere and everything, a lot of my mods are based on things that I've been in love with for a very long time, or things I've drawn, places I've been to, movies, people I know, anything really and that's the beauty of my work, you never really know what I'm going to do next. Neither do I for that matter. lol.

October is without a doubt my favorite month, it's the official begining of the spookiest season of the year and as an artist I usually celebrated that by participating in *Inktober. Since I'm no longer a part of any traditional art communities I don't have a reason to share any original artwork anymore, so I've decided to rebrand this month into my own special little challenge Modtober. It's meant to be a special goal for me in order to get my creative juices flowing. I plan to upload one creation each day for the entire month, (31 individual mods!) some will be more detailed than others but all of them will be my own expression of creativity and I think that's the most important thing.

Don't know how to sign off, so bye~

Amazing Hair!

Hi! My name is Bella, I have a youtube channel called Bella Bean Queen! I do sims 4 & Roblox & lots more. Make sure to like & subscribe. Bye!


Lately I discover the discord way of having fun!  There, at the TSR neighborhood  I can meet my sims addict friends Are you a VIP member? Come and join me there. You do not care about me? No problem.. all your favorite FA are there , ready to answer all of your questions.

    πŸ’™πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·    ΜιλΞ¬με και ελληνικΞ¬ from time to time. It is fun!


 Hello my friends ! If you wish to create a Greek summer house like these you see in Santorini, Mykonos, and other Aegean Sea islands you actually need the following:


  • A summer mood (very important)
  • White and blue colours (the basic)
  • A huge number of flowers in many colours.
  • It has to be child-friendly
  • It has to be placed near a beach. A pool is welcome.
  • Many terraces on different levels
  • Love all around it
  • Your personal creativity (especially important)

You may need some CC from these I use in my Greek/ Hellenic lots:

Mikonos furniture

Santorini furniture and building items

Walls and floors



Some ideas:



The Radon Detonating Toilet Review

 This week's Cyclonesue Trusted Review is the self-detonating Radon toilet...

Read why you should not use this toilet!

The Dama Beady Toilet Review

What is a Beady?  I wondered that too!  Welcome to your first Cyclonesue Trusted Review!

Find out here

The HARSH TRUTH about Sims 4 toilets

Did you know that toilets in games are the most fascinating item of all?  

Read why

Janus Sanders makeup!

First post! Here are links to Janus facepaint and half yellow/half black lipstick! Please keep in mind that this is my first time uploading cc! If there is anything wrong with it, please tell me!

New Content on the way.

I have done some work on my Mystery Shack but for some reason, am not able to update the current listing on the lot here on TSR.  Please head over to my blog to see the new work.  That said, I am currently working on a renovation of the Science Lab lot, to create Aperture Science Laboratories ("A Trusted Name In Science") from Portal and Portal 2.  This is a much bigger project than I'd initially realized, so watch this space, or my website to see the progress on that.
As you can see, I have updated my banner and have several more CC projects as well as new Lot builds on the way!  Let me know if you'd like something or give me a comment! 
Be Seeing Ya!

Naturalis Bedroom WCIF list

Hey simmers :) 

Bringing to you the WCIF list of objects we used on our Naturalis Bedroom set and also its decor and plants screenshots.





Here we go:


Purse, shoes and rug from Calligaris decor set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Sandals from Zara decor set by SIMcredible @


Shoes box from Glory set by SIMcredible @


Bird sculpture from Connection set

Under Dining rooms - page 2 


Cushions from Rustiko set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Jute rug from Rustiko set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Sandals box from Go Trendy add-ons set

Under Bedrooms - page 2 


Curtain from Lyne Curtains II set by NynaeveDesign


Blinds from Finding Grace set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Rug from Amena set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Faux fur rug from Amena set

Under Bedrooms - page 2 


Books from Teen Edition set

Under Kids/Teens - page 2


Decor column from Amena set

Under Bedrooms - page 1


Rug from Oh Reykjavik set by SIMcredible @ TSR




12/09/2020 Update

Hi everyone ♥

I'm coming with a small update which is important. 

From today onwards (12/09/2020) I am no longer able to provide you all WCIF CC links under my creations. I am currently working on alternative that everyone will be able to find the content I use. I know how helpful it was for you in the past to have links directly in each creation's notes and I appreciated every lovely comment with your grattitude. Sorry to disappoint. 

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, 

xx Caroll 

Stepping Away To Regroup

Due to losing so many family members I'm going to need to take some time and regroup. If you did not update and purchase the Nitfty Knitting pack you should not have any issues. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have liked, loved and/or commented on my baby cc. I just can't deal with losing my mother and brother who was my biggest fans at anything I attempted to try to do. I sincerely apologize to those who have updated to the newer patch and content. I will Lord willing be back sometime to pick up where I left off but I just can't do it for now. Much love to all.

the sims 4

the sims 4 hair

Broken windows, doors and arches due to latest EA patch

I am aware of the broken windows, doors and arches due to the latest EA patch. I do need to wait for the software or patch before I can update them. I will try to update them all, but as you all know I have made a few LOL. So be patience I do my best :). Although I like what we can do now with the windows stacking on top of each other, I am full of inspiration again :).

Cannot stop creating

 What do you do when inspiration strikes and although you are really keen on releasing the set you've made, you continue making things for it, thus delaying the publish date even more? I had a set all ready to release and publish, but I found more and more items to make for it. So I took it out of the pending pot and am still adding to it. I will have to split this into two - maybe three sets because it has gotten out of hand a bit. 
My son is malnourished and has been without me for so long, he has developed an intimate relationship with the wall.

"Hiya Wall" a la Shirley Valentine. It answers back too.

I will complete it soon. I promise... ooh look. A piece of paper. I should make that for TS4!

All the best. 



Ps. Does anyone actually read these things?

September 3rd, Patch

On, September 3, 2020 EA Games Updated Sims 4, giving us the ability to stack windows amongst other things and bug fixes. Unfortunately, most of us post update saw custom content windows, doors and arches were broken (not working as intended). If you have downloaded my lots, for most of them this would be the case.

I know this is devastating for those people like myself whom enjoy using cc. Hopefully,(fingers crossed on both hands) there will be a fix soon that will resolve this issue but if not, it will be up to individual creators to hopefully update their custom content. 

Thank you so much for downloading my lots. I really appreciate your patronage. 

-Antoinette, ALG Builds



Hi everyone! Is anyone else having problems with the cc windows or doors since the most recent update to the game?? The Sims team added the ability to have stackable windows in addition to being able to move them off of the grid along with the doors, since the update, ALL of my CC windows/doors show up as just a frame. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a solution?


In-game functions

I love the [ and the ] keys in my The Sims 4 game. I LOVE them. To be able to adjust the size of almost every item in game is a blessing. It is the single most useful function in my game. To have made a plant for example, and to have made it small enough to fit onto surfaces, and wanting to have the same plant fill a gap on the floor... It's nothing short of genius. I use it often. That, and, the bb.moveobjects on cheat code. In fact, I begin my game by immediately entering that code. Once the game starts, that is. I have over 20gb worth of mods and cc. 20GB! So much that I had to create a junction link and move the Sims 4 mods folder to my D drive because my C drive was full. 

Anywho... I also love the alt key now. That too is a favourite in my game. Free movement of items... it is like wearing jellly on one's feet. It's awesome.


So thank you, Maxis and EA. I am eternally grateful.



New sets and saving lives.

Hello all. I have been busy making a new set of furniture items for you to download and ignore in game. A bit of a departure from my norm - it hasn't a single mid century modern item in the set. At all. Not one. Perhaps I should have started this blog post with a warning - NO MCM! What is going on in the world?! First a global pandemic, then a financial recession, and now, I, padre of TSR publishes a set without a single, solitary mcm item. 
2020 is a strange year indeed.
So this set of items has an industrial-farmhouse feel to it. Large timber items coupled with wrought iron and steel. It is a dining room. And it is almost complete.
And I am trying really hard not to get distracted by the passersby on my road. Gazing out my window from the first floor study room, (through the plantation shutters), is a favouirite pastime. Alas, we live in a close (cul-de-sac), so the foot traffic is limited to my neighbours. But they're good to gaze at occasionally. I wonder if they know I see everything? 
In fact, I recall a few years back, one of my elderly neighbours shouting for help as her husbnad had collapsed in their back garden. I rushed over, shoving another, elderly neighbour aside, and helped pick him up. He was mortified as he vomited and vomited. I pretended not to be bothered by it. But I do have a weak stomach for that sort of thing. Still, I rubbed his back and told him not to be silly, quitely gagging to the side. He was rushed to hospital and was released the following day with news that his internal defibrillator hadn't shown any activity and gratefully, it was his blood pressure. Too low. So the dose was adjusted and collapsing prevented.

Oh my. That was a bit of a tangent. 

New set. Coming soon! Look early for disappointment! (my new catchp phrase). Smooches.

A thank you to you

A thank you to you


I wanted to thank you for every single download. I'm really speechless because in the short time it went quite fast to crack the 100.000. I'm also happy about your comments and thank you for this. I also get ideas from you and suggestions, thanks for that.


So that's it from me in a nutshell for you.


Greeting Alixdekostube

Submissions taking a long time

I understand that there may be shorter staff etc atm but I've never had my submissions take this long for approval. I submitted my Horror Movie/Tv Collection over two weeks ago and its still pending approval. Has anyone else noticed a delay in submission approval? 


I’m so sorry to those who use my baby cc. Ive been down with uncontrollable muscle spasms in my back since end of July. Have made a new onesie for nifty knitting and testing it. However I’m on medication so it will be a bit before I release it. In the shape I’m in and sedated right now you never know what will end up where. Please forgive me for not getting them updated.


MY SIMS AND COVID-19 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

 My sims are real and they adjust to external reality. Keep safe everyone!


39.000 Downloads Thankyou


thankyou for downloading my creations.

Happy Simming.

bye Watersim




I know that nobody is wondering but the reason I create and I upload so many bohemian lotsand decotrations  is simply because I love playing bohemian households. The sims I play are all bohemian artists and writters ...well, I have one in... thief carreer but he is a bit boho too. especially his adopted kid.

I hope you will enjoy my bohemian lots , both residential and community.,boho/






Aaaaah I can't believe I have hit 40k I plan to continue uploading and making content thank you to every single one of you who has downloaded my content! To celebrate 40k I have created a Horror Movie/TV Collection for both male and female, these have already been submitted for approval and I have big hopes for them! As always I'm open to requests and suggestions. 


Thanks for the support! 

Country Coffee - our farm themed sets - WCIF list

Hey simmers :) 

Bringing to you the WCIF list of objects we used on our Farm themed sets, the Country Coffee series.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here we go:

 Faux Fur rug from Come Cozy set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Curtain from Morning Tea Decor set by SIMcredible @

Under Bedrooms - page 1 


Separators Trellis from Chlorophyll set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Cushions from Rustiko set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Separator from Bontempo set by SIMcredible @

Under Misc Rooms - page 1


Spice from Time to Plug set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Stacked plates from Tea Time set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Pots from Industrial kitchen set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Cactuses from Green Time set by SIMcredible @

Under Outdoors - page 1


Cactus from Gardening Foyer set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Window by NynaeveDesigns @ TSR


Rugs from Rustiko set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Glass wall lantern from Rustiko set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Bayleaf plant from Coastal set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Large plant from Squadros set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Wall lamp from Squadros set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Blinds from Finding Grace balcony set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Plant from Zara extras set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Scandinavian Triangles wall by SimFabulous @ TSR


Snake Plant from Solatium set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Cookie jar and butter from Home Cafeteria Goodies set by SIMcredible @ TSR


Render #2

Mermaid Martini

Mermaid Martini

No more updates on TSR

TSR will no longer be updated with new content, from now on you can find my stuff only on Patreon ( and Tumblr (

Latest Headlines

Toddler Tartan Shorts Suit... Naturalis Office, Skills and... going Re-edit every CC i made... LGBTQ+ Shirt! Bisexual shoes! TSR Update: Custom Content... Fixed all broken windows, doors... Welcome to Spooky Season! 0ctober 7th TAKING A MOMENT TO SAY THANK YOU A Huge Thank You! October (Modtober?) Amazing Hair! JOIN THE FUN! A RECIPE FOR GREEK/HELLENIC HOUSES The Radon Detonating Toilet Review The Dama Beady Toilet Review The HARSH TRUTH about Sims 4... Janus Sanders makeup! New Content on the way. Naturalis Bedroom WCIF list 12/09/2020 Update Stepping Away To Regroup the sims 4 Broken windows, doors and arches... Cannot stop creating September 3rd, Patch SIMS 4 CC WINDOWS/DOORS NOT... In-game functions New sets and saving lives. A thank you to you Submissions taking a long time DELAY IN UPDATING MY BABY CC MY SIMS AND COVID-19... 39.000 Downloads Thankyou MY BOHEMIAN LOTS 🏠 40K Country Coffee - our farm themed... Render #2 No more updates on TSR
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