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The Aadhar Card And Its Important Role

According to a report, around 90% grown-ups of our nation have been given by the Aadhar card. It is an incredible accomplishment. We have an exceptionally negative record of permeating social advantages on the ground level. There are such a large number of openings because of which the advantage given by the legislature has been redirected by the officials and center men. We can remember the announcement of the then PM Late Rajiv Gandhi who freely conceded that lone 14 percent benefits come to the grass root level individuals. Presently there are a few occasions in which provisos have been cut by the immediate exchange of advantages to the collector disregarding center men.


Aadhar card is assuming an unavoidable part in it. Nitish Kumar begun to exchange bike cost specifically to the recipients. Also compensation in MANREGA conspire is being exchanged straightforwardly. NDA government effectively actualized it if there should arise an occurrence of gas endowment. As of late, Tamil Nadu government did a supernatural occurrence when it exchanged Rs 700 crores to around 1.4 million individuals who were casualty of feared surges. It was done inside a recorded time of a couple days the people groups were influenced. Maybe it was the single occasion relating to its opportune alleviation that too with full straightforwardness.


Why not we can take after the Tamil Nadu show in different states using Aadhar card? Aadhar card is an advanced distinguishing proof framework where any guile is impractical. Yet, there is an issue that Adhaar lacks support of enactment. Therefore now and then it faces legitimate test. One bill was presented by UPA government around 5 years prior however the same couldn't experienced in the Parliament as the then resistance, now on decision seat, considered not thought that it was fit. Presently, NDA ought to be not kidding about it and in Budget session of Parliament the bill ought to get passed on need premise to give the Aadhar card an administrative support.


Our administration is giving endowment on various record around 4 percent of GDP which is represented Rs 6.3 trillion. One would well be able to envision with respect to the amount of it, scopes to the ground level on the off chance that we trust Rajiv Gandhi (there is no motivation to distrust him as defilement is eating our Nation). Thusly, the degree of endowment reach to the recipients is obviously far fetched . Arrangement of confirmation of Aadhar from any area opens up access to various open and private administrations for people.For Government, it allows to improve the welfare framework and make it more straightforward by dispensing with wastage and reach to the ideal individual.



Aadhar is a bipartisan thought having support of both Congress and BJP. Moreover, it has been supported by many state governments. So a ton of stages to gather political support have been as of now secured. It is the ideal opportunity for an ironclad enactment which will address honest to goodness concerns. BJP should step up with regards to get it gone the same number of bills couldn't have been passed because of sick legislative issues of it amid NDA area. This is a bill which is straightforwardly connected with the normal and needy individuals of India. Give us a chance to trust all the political party will give expansive based support to this bill.

أخبار الموضة

 ويمكن تعريف الثقافة بطرق عديدة. اعثر على أحدث الأخبار والأخبار الثقافية حول الموضوعات ذات الصلة بالمجتمع والسلوك البشري وعلم النفس والعلاقات وما إلى ذلك.


أخبار الموضة

Alien leggings for female

Alien and tumblr leggings for female.

Create by sims 4 studio.

It is my first CC, please for indulgence 😊

I'm from Poland ^o^.

Dj Tira & Dj Maphorisa – Midnight Starring Ft. Busiswa & MoonChild

Afrotainment Boss, DJ Tira brings that same spice he brought on “Won’t Let You Go” to bare yet again on “Midnight Starring”. This is why there’s just an abundance of groovy sensations lining the bars of this masterclass.

To complete the rout was Busiswa and Moonchild. The duo responsible for some of the biggest collaborations on the circuit make it yet another roll again.


Source: Nairacoded

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Lyrics

For most groups, the songwriting is the key figure their prosperity. And keeping in mind that we absolutely would prefer not to underplay the significance of composing one of a kind music, the verses regularly have the effect amongst striking and unremarkable tunes.

So what makes an incredible, noteworthy verse? The following are a rundown of five basic oversights that you ought to maintain a strategic distance from when composing verses, as doing as such will fortify the general nature of your tunes:

Also Read :  lyrics of Soch na sake lyrics

1. Endeavoring to display excessively numerous thoughts


Great verses frequently recount a story or investigate a topic. It is this attention on one thought that makes the general tune have a strong vibe from verse to verse. An error that many make is to endeavor to display various thoughts inside one tune, which as a rule will make each different thought feel separated from whatever remains of the melody.


2. Missing an unmistakable snare


You will probably have your audience recollect the melody far after it has completed as that is the thing that will transform them into a fan and hold them returning on numerous occasions. An undeniable snare line is critical to the accomplishment of a tune, as it is the thing that will make it wonderful.


3. Verses need being grounded


There is nothing amiss with figurative or potentially philosophical thoughts, however without a grounded hidden thought or subject that audience members can interface with, the thoughts will come up short. Edge of reference is critical. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is an awesome case; while it was assuredly philosophical and allegorical, it's topics were likewise profoundly established in the battles of England around then.


4. Writing in clumsy, in reverse stating


A misstep that many make when attempting to appear to be "intriguing" or "imaginative" is the write in a clumsy, in reverse style, separating an expression in a way that doesn't bode well, yet just serves to 'appear as something else'.


Verses are dependably getting it done when written in a way that sounds good to the audience. Be it a conversational style or something else, verses that a straight forward will make it far less demanding to interface with the audience.


5. Verses are not bona fide



In case you're not political, in case you're not a sentimental, and so forth., don't attempt to be. A pretentious verse will put on a show of being such rapidly and is an awesome approach to lose your audience. Regardless of what your thought or subject is in your tune, your verses need to interface with you with the goal for them to end their very own existence. Generally the absence of conviction behind them will make the verses feel stale.

Landscape Painting Tips For Watercolor Artists

One of the greatest difficulties fledglings confront with a craftsmanship, is the capacity to truly associate with the imagination that is within them. It's troublesome before all else to simply give up and paint from your absolute entirety. Your brain is being loaded with procedures and frameworks for moving toward painting, which as I would like to think, has a tendency to overwhelm your internal imagination. Learning systems is basic, yet there ought to be an indicate where you start draw from your own particular innovative creative energy. 

When painting a subject, regardless of whether it is a man or a scene, it is essential to first watch your subject. You need to draw near and individual to what you are painting. On the off chance that you need to figure out how to paint incredible scenes, at that point you ought to invest energy close to the range that moves you to paint in any case. At exactly that point would you be able to truly see how to exchange what it is you see to canvas. 

Take a ride out to the region you wish to paint. Bring along a few pencils and paper. The most ideal approach to end up plainly truly hint with the scene is to simply invest energy there doing some portrayals. This will truly drive you to watch what you see and consume the picture and nature into your faculties. 

Painting with watercolor on area is very testing, particularly in the event that you are a learner. The scene is always showing signs of change. There are sure methods in watercolor that require the paper to be at sure edges, or the paper should be immersed to a specific degree, and so forth. To get everything ideal inside such a brief timeframe traverse is very troublesome, which is the reason you ought to acquire a camera the occasion you are not ready to catch the scene. When you discover a sythesis that you like, take a cluster of shots at various separations and edges. When you return to your studio, you will now have a couple reference draws and also a group of awesome photographs to work with. To start with, while painting on area, attempt to pick sytheses that are not excessively point by point or complex. 

One of the most ideal approaches to inundate your self in watercolor scene painting is to discover individuals with a similar enthusiasm. Look online for any gatherings or sites for scene painters in your general vicinity. Begin talking and become more acquainted with everybody. A large portion of the craftsmen in these gatherings love to interface with different specialists and plan painting trips. This is a truly extraordinary approach to pick up involvement. 

You don't have to carry your whole studio with you when painting on area. Numerous novices will bring very many supplies, which turns out to be even more a disturbance than offer assistance. Just bring the hues and supplies that you truly need to chip away at a specific scene. 

                                                                                                     Image Source: Pexels

Keep in mind, things change rapidly outside. Lighting conditions and climate can change in a matter of minutes. You should have the capacity to paint rapidly without being excessively messy. Hinder in the majority of your expansive zones first at that point backpedal and begin including your subtle elements. 

Many scene specialists for the most part square in the sky range first. The sky is for the most part paler than whatever is left of the artistic creation, which empowers you to work from light to dull. The sky region additionally impacts the way you paint whatever remains of the articles in your canvas. 

When painting objects in the closer view that require awesome detail, don't attempt and paint each and every leaf or piece of turf that you see. This will normally make excessively detail that will draw concentrate far from the focal point of enthusiasm for your work of art. It is additionally excessively tedious on the off chance that you anticipate painting on area. Plus, an artwork is not intended to be a correct reproduction of what you see, rather your extraordinary impression of the scene. On the off chance that you need correct subtle elements, you are in an ideal situation taking a photo. 

Try not to be hesitant to utilize your creative energy. On the off chance that you are painting a scene and feel that you ought to include a couple trees here, or a hedge there, or a winged creature on a branch, at that point by all methods take the plunge. 

On the off chance that you discover one specific area engaging, and have officially painted there once some time recently, don't waver to backpedal and paint it once more, just this time go out on a shady day. You will be shocked how diverse a scene can look when the climate changes. 

I trust these watercolor painting tips have made a difference. On the off chance that you ever end up getting demoralized or baffled by your advance, don't surrender. Rather, welcome and gain from your oversights. It will improve you a much painter.

Lemon Kitchen Set

Lemon Kitchen Set

Housing Remasters

Hey all, due to past game updates breaking things in Sims 4 (grr lol) it caused missing items (most likely due to object updates after the fixes that have new item IDs) and other issues, when I find some extra time I will go back over these homes and remaster them and re-release the new file.  Thanks!

The mysteries of meshing a tiny bit uncovered...

I made a table! I did it! I actually made a physical (well, digitally physical) working end table!
You can put a lamp on it! And a plant!
And it has TWO channels!
It's very progressive and has no less than FOUR legs!
Yes, I've finally got into meshing. It took this long for various reasons but I downloaded the 30 day trial version of milkshape a few days ago, and the instructional pdf's by RicciNumbers and Cyclonesue and got started.
There was cussing. A lot of it. And at two times I was completely stuck and thought "that's it", but my creativity persevered and finally my wonderful little table stood there, on the grass of a lot in the game, and was functional!
Since then I've also made a 4x4 rug and a large painting!

But there are still issues. My table looks fine in solid color but make it wood and it just looks plain weird. The Rug seems to be working but the painting is weird. It looks fine up close but gets very blurry when you move back a bit. Obviously something needs to be adjusted.

I tried to make a kitchen counter. It became transparent....

Obviously I have a lot more to learn, but that's OK- I still have around 25 days left of my trial period! :)

Small Spaces Set

Small Spaces Set

New upcomming house

A new house i just finished in the game wil be comming soon i am very excited for it is a modernized verison of the bates motel motel is jut like in the movie but i ave redeisgned the house and made it bigger and modern with a huge outdoor pool an pool house which houses the grill and jacuzi area. 

Korean Lips

Lipstick by : Sengoku Simmers 

please do not reupload my cc!!


* TSR Select Artist of June 2017*

Today, TSR officially announced the Select Artist/Featured Artist of June 2017. I’m truly grateful to say I was given the opportunity to be a part of the TSR Select Artist Family. I would like to take a moment to congratulate those who became Featured Artists and Select Artists today, you guys absolutely deserve this title! I would also like to thank those who take the time to download my creations. You have no idea how much it means to me. Since I’m an introvert who has social anxiety, creating sims is a way to express myself and put myself out there. Sharing my creations on TSR has helped me to cope with my social anxiety and has made me feel like I’m actually part of something. Having social anxiety has been a huge obstacle for me, but each day that I see such friendly people on here it gives me courage to work towards overcoming this obstacle. Therefore, I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me.


When i will be posting my Screenshots

I have not decided when I will be posting my screenshots as I need yo find some good hair to use as the ones I currently have don't look right on my child sims. I will also be giving credit to those who have made the hair, Clothes, Makeup, Skin and anything else I use from custom content that isn't part of the base game. though please notify me if you see any of your work in my creations and I will add you if you have been missed. 


Hey guys just wanted to inform you I updated my lastest hair with the new file that fixes the issue of hair not showing properly in game.
There has been a little misshap with the creating tool I use that unfortunantely I wasnt aware of.
All you guys need to do is just re download the file and you are good to go 
So sorry about this guys
Just to make sure you have the right version I added no.2 on the cas thumbnail


Love Nightcrawler


WCIF Conundrums! Please read!

Hi all just some advice about your mods. If you're a CC lover like me and have tons of it, outside of TSR, it may be worthwhile to copy them into a zip folder and upload it to dropbox or mediafire etc, just in case anything ever happens to your game/pc and you have to start over. Especially if you have beloved pieces of CC you can't live without. A lot of tumblrs get deleted, adfly links and accounts within them are being suspended, thus the links being lost forever. Some creators don't want to upload them again and people can't just go around uploading stuff belong to other creators. (especially with conversions, edits etc- some creators may have had a bit of a fall out!) So if you love it save it somewhere. I get a ton of WCIF questiond about the hair i use on my sims, some may have been since deleted, or are paid items. I am not responsible for deleted CC links that i've used on my sims. CC is to be regarded for display purposes only. And i cannot reupload the work of other creators, even if they are no longer creating themselves. Thank you for understanding!

PS) Please read my description for info about any hair i've used on my sims! I won't be answering any WCIF questions about them if i have already written it in the description. It takes up way too much time. Sorry!


Dear readers, Because of TSR doesn't allow Teen an YA relationship so I can't continue the story here. I'll move my story to my website 



Dracula's Castle

I have no idea if I am allowed to post this.... if not I apologize in advance and I will understand if it gets taken down. I have no idea how to create anything for the sims lol, and I especially don't know how to convert packages from older versions to TS4 such as TS2 or TS3. I came across this amazing & incredible build of Dracula's castle for TS2 and I am sooo hoping there is a creator out there that would love to re-create this. Not even necessarily convert the TS4 packages that were used to TS4 as I'm sure there are many TS4 cc that can be used to re-create this. I personally think this would be an incredible addition to Forgotten Hollow! Hopefully a creator that would like to build this will see this :) *fingers crossed*



Castle ExteriorCastle exterior

So I can find some friends here

I am from kicksvovo, today is my lucky day I think I can find some friends here, very happy and pleasure to join this great community, any friends here, can you contact me? Very nice to be your friend here.

Fushion Set

Fushion Set

Featured Artist

A few weeks ago, I got a private message from the TSR Artist Panel inviting me to join their Featured Artist Family. Becoming a FA is for me a real honor, as TSR has always been a second home for many of us including myself, thank you so much for this awesome opportunity. Thank you to all of you too, my best buddy and partner in crime Margie, friends, inspiring creators and you guys downloading my content! And hopefully, the best is yet to come :) 

The Sims Mobile

Play with life in The Sims Mobile! Create your Sims, give them unique personalities, and customize their homes with more detail than ever before on mobile. Interact with other Sims to form relationships and unlock rewards. Experience your Sims’ lives as they accomplish career goals, party with friends, and fall in love. What stories will you tell? The legacy your Sims leave behind starts today.

 The Sims Mobile


  • Create Amazing Sims: Customize your Sims with distinct appearances, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. Add different personality traits and choose their life goals from careers like Fashion Designer, Club DJ, and Doctor, to hobbies like Cooking, Guitar Playing, and Writing.
  • Build a Fantastic Home: Design your Sims a home where they can experience all that life has to offer. Effortlessly personalize home layouts and designs, choosing from a variety of furniture, appliances, decorations, and more. Unlock activities like making tacos or thinking in the shower, and decorate with item combination to access unique actions like snuggling on the couch with your sweetheart. Plus, unlock fun venues like a fashion studio, restaurant, and nightclub and customize their layouts.
  • Shape Your Sims’s Legacy: You have the power to shape your Sims’ families over multiple generations. When your Sims accomplish their career goals and retire, you’ll be rewarded with Heirlooms that unlock hobbies and careers for future generations, allowing new Sims to tell deeper stories. A grandfather’s success as a local politician may open the path for his granddaughter to be governor or even president. A mad scientist uncle could inspire his nephew to become an astronaut.
  • Play Together: Host and attend parties with other Sims where you can socialize, show off your amazing house, earn rewards, develop romantic relationships, and even decide to move in with other people’s Sims. Sims can also join big moments like The Alien Arrival. There are endless ways to make choices and connections!

Sims 2 Basement

I love this game and mady my own World. Im from Polska Wersja and search for players. 

sup yall

Sup i just started pls dont hate be nice!!!

Sims 4 - Girl 01 - Emma


Desk Lamp 2000 Set

Desk Lamp 2000 Set

Sleeping Beauty

Modern Boxed Lamp Set

Modern Boxed Lamp Set

Update on me

Hey Simmers, I have been super busy the last few days buying a new chair for my room as my gaming chair broke. Then the chair was delivered and it was huge so the last day I have been trying to think of a way to fit this big chair in my little room. Now it’s finally done lol got a little gaming/ work corner, I’m so grateful for a family that helps me out a lot, I haven't really slept for a couple of days as I’ve been busy with everything and playing sims lol I sat on my new chair and fell asleep for 4 hours hahaha so what I’m saying is that I will be creating and uploading new content this week, sorry for no new content the last week :( 

SimmerKate :D

MY YouTube-Channel

My Channel HERE:


  • TOU

    • Do not claim our creations as your own
    • No re-uploading, modifying or anything else.
    • No recolors.

    Thank you. If there is anything else, just drop us a message.


    Do you take requests?

    • No. 

    Do you share your sims?

    • No. We get this request every day, and our answer won’t change, no matter how often or nice you ask.

    Do you use the HQ mod?

    • No, never. A big majority of my CC is compatible with it though.

    Do you share your sims or lots on the gallery?

    • No.

    What makeup, skins, eyebrows, eyes or tattoos do you use?

    • Only our own, without exception.

    What eyelashes do you use?

    • Always our own ones *click* or the ones by Kijiko *click*, sometimes a combination of both of them.

    Where can I find this, that, etc…?

    • Google is your best friend. Some things are so simple to find, they appear instantly if you type in your item of your dreams + Sims 4.

Hi Fi Cabinet Set

Hi Fi Cabinet Set

Yass my first Recolor

Hello people my name is Kimberley Otten. I make up your colors for items you have in the sims, but for that I make other colors. If you already want to see my first item, you can find him now because he's going in now and 10 minutes online! Be there so soon!


Kimberley Otten

Just a thought....

I have downloaded TSR content for a while now but things are getting harder for me to find on the site. Not that there isn't a lot and I do mean a LOT of stuff; no my problem is finding something, well how do I say this? Not a crop top, not low rise, skin tight, butt out, boobs out, high heeled or weird colours. Sigh. sorry, I am bad and will take me to the naughty step in a few minutes. But. is anyone out there willing to make some lady clothes that are for like normal ladies? Just every day, hanging out with the girls, or on the sofa, hygge typs stuff? Mom jeans, baggy, washed out and oh so comfy. Mukluks? Maybe some kid and toddler hairs that kids and toddlers really have? More boy things? You all seem to forget us weaker sex types. Sorry again but I am getting desparate for things.  And again, I have downloaded so so much from here that it is craziness. You are all amazing and i bow to the masters of creation. 



Hi .My first time here

Hi Every One, My First time HeRE,

Let Me Introduce My Self, Love myself I do. Not everything, but I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle, and I love my hard discipline. I love my freedom of speech and the way my eyes get dark when I'm tired. I love that I have learned to trust people with my heart, even if it will get broken. I am proud of everything that I am and will become.
DjFx By Name i blog at

Blue Bird Egg Set

Blue Bird Egg Set

Tumblr URL updated

Hi everyone! Lot of time since my last post here.

I want to tell you that mya real URL of tublr is this one:

I've just ckecked that the one that was at the description is wrong. Sorry for that (I'm a disaster)

Have a wonderful day!!!



Lots to learn

So I kind of got in over my head with making CC hehe. While it mostly looks good in my game, I still made tons of mistakes. 

I think it will be a while yet before I am able to share my CC with you guys, a very kind and wise person pointed out to me that I started running before I could walk.

So I did the obvious and face splatted lol. Time to go back and start smaller, put one foot in front of the other, and hopefully I can soon achieve this long-time goal of mine :-) 

In the meantime, I shall bring you more textures and homes! Hooray, something I can do! lol.

Reaching 1 million downloads

Hello everyone! 

Wow, 1 million... I never dared dreaming of anything like this when I started creating and posting to TSR. I want to thank all of you for downloading my content and without you I'll wouldn't have been able to reach this incredible goal. Thank you so much again, and many more creations are to come!


With love,


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